Sweat Pea liked corn silk

25 May

Looks like, smells like….gotta take a bite.


peasThe peas had sprouted in the field over the warm, sunny Memorial Day weekend. Their green leaves, shoots and vines appeared as the earliest of the summer row crops in the field as the month changed to June.

“Sweet Pea,” the fawn, slept between us for two nights in bed. Every breath she took I felt upon my cheek. She continued to thrive without incident.

Once she discovered how to move those legs it was soon time to move her to the barn where she was safe in a pen. So frail and wobbly on that third day, she’d move those legs in every direction at once. We didn’t want her to break a leg. She danced and pranced around the floors.

Those little hooves sounded like a herd of horses inside our little cabin. Clop-clop. Clop-clop. Sweet Pea quickly learned to gallop before she took a leap. She jumped…

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One Response to “Sweat Pea liked corn silk”

  1. robinbot May 26, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    Thanks for re-posting Jill’s story. I miss the old writers’ group and hearing about her life on the farm.


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