Feel It In Your Bones: City of Angels and Demons or, To Live and Die and Live Again in L.A.

8 Nov

Halloween Reeves DriveSo this is what Halloween looks like in  Beverly Hills–on my street, anyway.  Birds of Paradise bursting in air alongside squat little pumpkins wondering why they are not in Vermont where it’s cold, charming, and well behaved. This is Halloween on Rodeo Drive:

Halloween Rodeo DriveCold, charming in her way, and very well behaved, my friend Nancy sells fantasy in the land of dreams. I walk past  her every day on the way to the juicery. And this is Marvin:mannequin on Rodeo

No eye contact with Marvin. . .he’s just like that. Speaking of no eye contact, Dear Reader–if you are still even out there–I seemed to disappear for a couple of months, or at least stopped writing the blog. I MISSED YOU. I think I was busy figuring my life out. Making friends, learning the juice business:

Joe, Mallori, meThat is Joe Cross, (JC), God of the Juice World, and Mallori, my co-worker. We like juice.

So nine months into this adventure, to what have I given birth???????????????? A visit to my a sacred place can tell a girl a lot about her emotional and spiritual progress.

I made a pilgrimage to the spot I visited right after Noah was born, right after I got married the second time, right after I got divorced the second time, and a few other occasions I’d prefer not to mention. A shrine to new beginnings, Bed Bath and Beyond is a holy place of clean towels, perky utensils you have no use for but buy anyway, and endlessly irresistible shower curtains. How many shower curtains have you bought, thinking This will change my life! I was making my way to Triple B last week when I ran out of gas at 3rd Street and La Figueroa. So I called Triple A. And then waved and smiled at the  drivers scowling and gesturing at me with their fingers. You don’t understand road rage until you’ve lived in L.A. Cars are sacred cows and pedestrians are the untouchables. You can be shot for jaywalking. By the police. Regular folks just run you over.

Anyway, I got hooked up with some gas and found my way into the biggest Triple B  I’d ever seen. Three floors. I lost my cart, full of things I thought would change my life.  I started over, and as I was picking my way through bath mats, a couple asked me a question. In Ithaca, Triple B is full of women. A few couples. In this L.A. neighborhood, there were mostly just couples, and I was one of two women shoppers. So these two guys v politely asked, “Do you know where they keep the shower weights?”  I was flattered that they thought I might know. But I was also overwhelmed by having run out of gas, having lost my cart and so I burst out with a guffaw and said “Shower weights?! I have no frickin’ idea!.” And I had to continue, it seemed. “I’ve never had any less of an idea about anything in my entire life!” The two men back away, politely.

So that tells you a little bit about where I am. . .making my way, making friends, learning the juice business, observing the mannequins, and. . .celebrating one of my favorite holiday in a town that has its own edgy take on Halloween, and basking in the glory that is the Day of the Dead–my very favorite holiday!

To start the day on October 31, I visited a surgeon and he showed me something fittingly skeletal and scary.

IMG_1234My pelvis. (Dear Reader, true friends do not put up photos of your pelvis online.) So I wasn’t sure what was scarier–the right hip which has a big ol’ screw keeping that titanium deal in place (last year’s surgery) or the left hip which looks like a fourth grade paper mache project that’s falling to bits. Yep, time to replace that boy. Let’s call him Harvey. We had a good go ’round Harv and me, we really did. But now I’m going to get a new one to match the other one–the titanium creature, He Who Shall Not Be Named.

That was Halloween morning. This was the evening.


I found my kind in West Hollywood. Walking in those boots just about killed me and I called the surgeon the next day to schedule surgery. I refuse to be a vampy vampire who, like a Weeble wobbles when she walks (but didn’t fall down).

Two Days later was Dia de los Muertos, and I Noah and lived it up in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where they have the largest festival outside of Mexico.  My mother loved this celebration of Those Who Have Passed.  She’s been in that category for fifteen years, and she showed up in the form of getting us a front door parking spot on the street, and free tickets. Audrey rules. And those of you who remember her know that she also rocked and rolled. So here’s to Audrey Autumn.

Day of the Dead Noah and meWe ate tacos, stared at people in costumes, listened to mariachi, and Noah found a gravestone that said simply “SWEET.”

It’s forward March, Dear Reader, and I’ve promised myself  that I will resume blogging–once a week, even it’s just short and sweet–like life. And maybe death? (not so short.)

Oh and by the way, this little number changed my life:IMG_1311


3 Responses to “Feel It In Your Bones: City of Angels and Demons or, To Live and Die and Live Again in L.A.”

  1. kwasson2012 November 13, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    Dear Volee, Thank you so much for the comment!!! I wanted to include pictures of you, and talk about us, but I was under pressure to finish, and I couldn’t find a picture where we both looked as fabulous as we are! Of course you know that in my head–that evening was all about us. But what I write is often not about what actually transpired.

    Healing process is going well. Perhaps when I’m back at my place we can have a take out meal at my place? How are you? xo k ________________________________________


  2. Robin Botie November 13, 2013 at 2:43 am #

    It is so great to hear your voice again. Missed you. Next year it’s gotta be Halloween in LA. All I got here was rain and stale cookies. You look and sound happy. Cheers!


    • kwasson2012 November 13, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

      Thanks for reading! Next Year in West Hollywood! ________________________________________


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