Here and There/Bring It On

16 Feb

vegan welcomeOn Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles there are a few options from which to choose:   at Lucha Vavoom, Mexican Masked Wrestling and Saucy Striptease, or if you looking to imbibe, Broadway Collective is offering  a free hit of any strain, or a free brownie. If you prefer educational experience, there’s  the workshop at Pleasure Chest where an expert will “teach techniques to satisfy two lovers at once, and address the three most common threesome mistakes and how to avoid to avoid them.” For the skeptic: The Three Psychics Gallery event, Valentines Sucks. For the voyeur: Cinefamily’s 100 Most Outrageous Fucks.

These options so frightened me that on Valentine’s Day I stayed at home with someone who has always respected me, ensuring that I would behave–which I did for the most part. AND Marcus sent the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever received. The vase alone–a heavy, long oval  glass made me regret that we’d not been friends in high school, and the tulips and beautiful green things–which Natasha would probably grind and turn into Emerald City Raw Tomalley Mousse–made my day. Thank you Marcus. (And Jake.)

The contrasts between Ithaca and here have been constant.  Though I love the feeling that I belong here, there are those moments when my outsider status boxes me in the ears.  For instance, in Ithaca  it is unlikely that one is going to run into Kim and Kanye at the neighborhood frozen yogurt place, obliviously take a picture of Kim and a fan, thinking the girl on the left is pretty but looks like a bitch only to turn around and see five photographers in the door,  step past them,  and have it dawn on one. That never happened in Ithaca.

In Ithaca one does not go to the Health Food Co-op and note how many women are wearing fur.  In Ithaca, few men  look at women in an openly appraising or appreciative way.  In Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, I get my fair share of  looks and smiles from absolutely drop dead gorgeous guys. I was thrilled and stymied by this until Natasha pointed out that these looks were not about appreciating my sex appeal; we are talking friendly gay men who like women because they actually like men. I’ll take what I can get.

And here, Dear Reader, is What I’ve Got In My First Ten Days:  late evening raw food treats from across the hall–beet carpaccio, gnocchi made from macadamias, pomegranate smoothies with hemp seed. Thank you, Natasha.

My new friend Ben who, after I admired his red velvet jacket took me out to a fabulous lunch at a celebrity place where the servers were people you’d like for dessert. We talked about Dorner, and Ben’s empathy for guy who’d “done just about everything right and still got screwed,” made me stop and think. Ben.

I made another friend at The Standard Hotel Cactus Lounge–at a poetry reading  where anal sex seemed to be the motif, though this theme had not been advertised.  I was hiding in the corner trying to look blase when a man rolled his eyes in my direction.  Kindred spirit? Yes, Bo Lucas (his stage name) and I laughed  together for a few minutes, and he helped me negotiate my new position as Desperate Writer (ok, not so new) and to identify which scary person I should give my poetry book to. That was sweet, Bo. Will I see you again?IMG_0077(3)

I also got wisdom from two workshops. One in a hotel in Santa Monica where I learned that when avoiding something unpleasant, it is helpful to think: Bring it on. I love pain. Pain sets me free. Reader: Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Try it. “Mom, I don’t know about that,” Noah said when I told him about my new attitude. The funny thing is, I’ve learned this very lesson by watching my son negotiate pain for years. He lives thoughtfully, lovingly, soberly.  And with great humor. Thanks, Noah.

The other workshop was about social media–a phrase I learned only one  year ago from Jill Swenson–who also happens to have negotiated pain with honor and humor. Thank you, Jill. So the message in Vicki Abelard’s workshop was YOUR BLOG IS TOO IMG_0055LONG.Thank you, Vicki. (Wrapping this up, and sorry if my thank yous sound like I think I won an award!) I am feeling grateful for the stuff here, and the stuff there.

Last thing I got: a part time job with Kreation Juicery, at their new spot opening next month. I am to teach customers about the benefits of juicing: de-toxifying, feeling better, living longer. Me? I have spent a lot of time loving meat and Sancerre, and don’t know if I’ll give them up. I thought I’d die at 67, as my parents did. Things can change. Yes, I do have to learn all this juicing stuff first.  From here to there. High Road, Low Road, Road of Middle Path.  Going to Vegas for the weekend. Bring it on.


6 Responses to “Here and There/Bring It On”

  1. elainemansfield February 16, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Dear Kirsten,
    Keep you messages coming from the other side of the moon. You are definitely not in Ithaca. I’ll be interested to see how your gig goes as a juicing guru. Will she try it out for real or will she wing it? Thanks for smiles.


    • kwasson2012 February 16, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

      Thanks for letting me know you are smiling, Elaine. Real or wing? A wing, a prayer, and we’ll see. Pain sets me free.


  2. Robin Botie February 18, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    I can’t stop thinking about the macadamia gnocchi. And wondering what’s next. I’m having a hard time picturing you as a juicer though.


  3. maw14747 February 20, 2013 at 4:19 am #

    Wow. They let you be the Beet Queen at a juicery even if you look gorgeous from eating steaks?
    And so many friends already.
    You say “bring it on” and they do.
    Glad you are laughing….and writing.


    • kwasson2012 February 20, 2013 at 5:32 am #

      loving juicing, Elaine!


    • kwasson2012 February 20, 2013 at 5:36 am #

      Not Beet Queen, sorta background Wheatgrass Shrub Servant.
      But I do think I’ve given up steak! And thank you for kind words, babysitta.


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